The objectives of the Businesses for a Clean Economy (B4CE) initiative are to:

  • harness the business perspective on the role of a price on carbon pollution to stimulate our economy, benefit our communities, and preserve our environment.
  • assemble a unified business voice in support of a price on carbon pollution
  • communicate shared positive views on the role a price on carbon plays to build our national economy so it supports business growth as well drive economy wide innovation and skilled jobs
  • inform business and the community, utilizing empirical data and research, of the impacts of a price on carbon including the benefits to Australian business

The B4CE is an initiative of The Carbon Markets Investors Association, the Climate Institute, the Investor Group on Climate Change and the WWF. Sustainable Business Australia is the B4CE secretariat. The Initiative has over 400 signatories from a broad range of business and industry sectors.

This Initiative is supported and resourced by a collaboration of leading companies, non-government organisations and industry associations.