Policy Challenges and Lost Opportunities

July 2014
Climate change and the risk of inaction will impact our environment, economy and the Australian way of life. Australia is more vulnerable than most developed nations to the physical impacts of climate change. Furthermore our economy and lifestyle is emissions intensive with Australian having the highest per capita emissions amongst the top 20 global emitters. Australia’s long-term prosperity and resilience depend on national policies that address this fact, and which factor in carbon pricing and can catalyse private sector finance for clean technologies.

WA: Well placed for diversified growth in a low carbon economy?

3 April 2014

West Australia’s economy, environment and way of life are well positioned to benefit both in the long and short term by stable long term federal policies that support a clean economy. The outcome of WA’s Senate election (ie the composition of the ‘new’ Senate from July 2014) is likely to have a significant influence on the nation’s immediate response and future policies in relation to Climate Change. Equally WA in particular stands to lose by inaction, and lack of economic rationale for carbon reduction and / or investment in renewable energy.
Thanks to the generosity of a limited number of B4CE business signatories a fact sheet has been prepared by B4CE to :

  1. dispel the myths of the costs of the ‘carbon tax’ in WA;
  2. highlight the real areas of increasing risk from inaction or Federal policy inconsistencies on WA
  3. highlight some of the economic, environmental and social benefits of maintaining and improving long term policies that support a clean economy for all Australians.

Survey reveals business wants climate action, not uncertainty

Sydney, 19 August 2013

A national survey of 180 companies across all sectors of the economy has given the thumbs up to a long-term price on carbon but has found that the lack of certainty about the future of carbon pricing is having a negative effect on business.

Survey reveals business wants climate change action

Monday 1 July 2013

Australian business has given a big tick to action on climate change, with a national survey showing significant support for both a national reduction in carbon emissions and a carbon price, preferably an emissions trading scheme.

The survey was carried out by international consultants AECOM for two weeks from May 10. An online survey tool was developed and sent to 573 businesses across a broad range of industry sectors. Responses were received from 180 businesses from all business sectors, including engineering, transport, manufacturing and waste.

Just under 15 per cent of those responding reported that they were liable to pay the carbon price, while 45 per cent reported that the carbon price had influenced their business strategy. Just under 19 per cent of respondents were directly involved in green industries.